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On-Line Manual Sets®

Procedure for our Online Downloads
  • After you "BUY" an On-Line Manual Set® your browser will redirect to PayPal for payment.

  • Once the PayPal transaction is complete an immediate e-mail will be sent to your
    PayPal e-mail address containing a 24 hour download link to the item you purchased.

    NOTE: A download link will aslo be available in our Thank You Message which should disply when your purchase completes.


  • Simply click on the link and a PopUp window will appear.
    • Select a location on YOUR hard drive to Permanently save the Manual Set®. We suggest a File Folder appropriately named for the Manual Set®
      REMEMBER the Folder Name and LOCATION on your Hard Drive
    • Click the Save button and the Download will begin.
    • The Manual Set® is good indefinitely once it is stored on your Hard Drive.

  • The download will complete after several minutes depending on your connection speed and the size of the Manual Set® size.
  • Click Here for download speed history
  • AFTER THE DOWNLOAD IS COMPLETE, Double Click on the Manual Set® ZIP File --
    • The ZIP file contains all of the manuals in the Manual Set®.
    • The ZIP file should be Un-Zipped into a single file folder on your PC.
    • Open the ReadMeFirst.html file in your browser for links to all of the manuals in the Manual Set®

  • If you encounter any problems Please reply to our e-mail.

 Home   Studebaker International   Manual Sets®  HELP